Hello everyone!

I’m Sakurako, the evangelist of “Arigato!” (means Thank you! in Japanese).

I really appreciate visiting my project.

Guided by the main character of my picture book, TimTim, I started this blog called “Projecto Arigato-Thanks-Gracias” because I wanted to spread his magic of “Thank You!”

I also hope that the Japanese word for gratitude, “Arigato!”, becomes universally known.

The belief in the power of words, known as Kotodama, has existed in Japan since ancient times. It is believed that words can influence reality and speaking kind words can bring positivity. Imagine what could happen if people worldwide expressed the ultimate high-vibration word, ‘Arigato-Thanks-Gracias!’

In this Project, my main focus is to convey “Thank you!” through videos to everyone around the world. I also introduce high-vibration English words that are part of the “Kotodama English” theme, along with their Japanese translations.

Living in a tumultuous and confusing era, we experience despair when confronted with sad realities. However, I promise that in my project, I will not use any negative words believing in Kotodama. Would you like to embark on an adventure with Timtim and me to create a world of “Arigato-Thanks-Gracias”?


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